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Cheltenham 2011 Offers

* £25 Free Bet from 00:00 15/3/11 - 23:59 19/3/11

* NRNB from 8th March

* Happy hour from 12pm - 1pm each day

* 1/4 odds all races

* Enhanced places on at least one race per day

* Best odds on selected races

* Extra value prices in the main races

* Sign-Up For Free With Totesport For More Details Of These Great Offers:


Totepool: Having started operations as far back as 1928, Totesport is now the fourth largest bookmaker in the UK. When it first started business its' main purpose was to offer on-course pool betting on horseracing as an alternative to starting price betting with bookmakers and to distribute its profits for "purposes conducive to the improvement of breeds of horses or the sport of horseracing. This remains the case today except that now you can have a tote bet off course in over 4,500 retail betting shops throughout the UK and also with a number of the online bookmakers that take tote bets. Simply explained, tote betting is when you want to have a bet in a race and have decided the horse you wish to back, you can have a variety of tote bets with payouts based on the pool for that bet and betting market.

Tote Jackpot: The tote Jackpot is one of the most popular tote pool bets and takes place daily at selected horse racing meetings except for Saturday when the focus moves to the Scoop6. The Jackpot races are always the first 6 races on the card at the selected meeting, usually the biggest meeting of that particular day. You must enter your selections before the first race and the payout or dividends are declared after the last Jackpot race.

Tote Scoop 6: This is run each Saturday and is a variation of the traditional Tote Jackpot bet available for oncourse wagers. The objective is to pick the 6 winners of each of the selected races that make up the Scoop6 bet on that day. Quite often the win fund gets very large with winners known on occasions to take home over £500,000. There is also a bonus fund so the winner of the Scoop 6 has the opportunity to select the winner of the most difficult race on the following Saturday. These win funds can also be very substantial.

Tote Placepot: Identical to what is available oncourse, the Placepot is ideal for those wanting a financial stake in an afternoon's racing at a specific racecourse. The Placepot provides the ideal bet to keep you involved throughout the day. There are Placepots each day at every British race meeting. The objective of the Placepot is to pick a placed horse in all 6 Placepot races at your selected meeting. The Placepot races are always races 1 - 6 unless otherwise stated.

Tote Quadpot: The tote Quadpot is similar to the tote Placepot except that you are required to pick the placed horses in the four relevant races, which differs from the Placepot where the requirement is to select the placed horses in the six Placepot races. Therefore, it is a bit easier and the Quadpot is about selecting the placed horses in races 3 to 6 on the card. It can be a way of obtaining compensation if you've lost out on the tote Placepot BUT beware of throwing good money after bad if you're on a losing streak.

Tote Win: The most popular form of horseracing betting is to select a horse to win. That is the horse that you pick must beat all the other horses in the race. It is very simple to keep a track of the payout on a win selection as the tote pool updates on the screens every few seconds and you will see the payout for your selection. "Pay Outs" are based on the win pool for the race in question, and the number of winning stakes on that race. The more punters to back a winner, the lower each winning bet will be, the fewer the backers, the higher the pay out per bet.

Tote Place: Similar to the Tote Win pool, but revolves around forecasting a horse to be placed. To have a bet on a horse to be placed there must be a minimum of 5 runners. As there are races with different amounts of runners, the number of places that payout in a race varies with the number of runners

Tote Exacta: This type of tote bet is probably better known as a forecast where you try and select the winner and the second in the correct order. The tote exacta bets operate in races where there are 3 or more runners and requires the selection of the first and second in correct order. The minimum stake for single entries is £2, rising thereafter in multiples of 10p. Combinations can be accepted with a minimum unit stake of 10p, rising in multiples thereafter of 10p provided a minimum of £2 is staked. Un-named selections (e.g. the favourite) are not accepted in Exacta bets. A bet containing a non-runner will be void.

Tote Trifecta: Trifecta bets involve selecting the first three horses in a given race. Some punters like a real challenge as it is difficult enough to select a winner itself but to choose a 1st, 2nd and 3rd in the right order is very difficult, but the payouts are usually very good. The tote Trifecta is a race nominated daily by the Tote and will have 8 or more runners. Trifecta races are usually chosen on races of 8 or more runners. A Straight Trifecta bet means you must select the first, second and third horses in the correct order. Un-named selections, e.g. Favourite, are not accepted in Trifecta bets. Trifecta bets where the field is reduced to less than 5 runners before coming under Starter's Orders will be void, as will bets including a non-runner.

Tote Swinger: This is a single-race exotic bet available on all races of 6 or more runners at every meeting, every day, players have to pick two horses to finish 1st, 2nd or 3rd in any order. Each bet offers three chances to win as follows:

* Correctly picking the horses that finish first and second in any order

* Correctly picking the horses that finish first and third in any order

* Correctly picking the horses that finish second and third in any order

A different dividend is declared for each outcome. The minimum unit stake for a toteswinger bet is 10p (shops and online). Minimum unit stake on-course is 50p with minimum total spend £2 as per all totepool on-course bets. Toteswinger is unique to the tote - there is no other equivalent fixed odds or SP bet. This is an extremely popular bet in overseas racing markets, particularly South Africa where it accounts for 40% of pool turnover.

Totesport is synonymous with horseracing. From morning until night you can get the early prices from Ascot to stateside racing from Arlington Park. Totesport sponsor Channel 4 racing. Remember "Tote profits stay in racing".

Totepool bets offer more choice, where you can win big from small stakes with the totescoop6 and the daily totejackpot. Some of these bets are unique to totepool, like the popular toteplacepot where it's possible to win without backing a winner, while other bets like the tote win, tote eachway, tote exacta (forecast) and tote trifecta (tricast) offer a competitive alternative to their fixed odds equivalents.

The Tote is the home of the tote ten to follow, the biggest and most successful jumps and flat racing competition.

Whatever your passion, be it the Premiership, Champions League, League 2 or La Liga, Totesport have it covered, even the Conference North & South Divisions. Totesport offer more football markets than ever before and keep a lookout for exciting football specials and other offers throughout the season giving you the chance to win more.

Don't forget you can bet in-play on all live televised matches on Sky Sports, Prem Plus, BBC, ITV, Channel 5 and selected matches on Setanta Sports.

Totesport is expanding its sports betting service all the time, pricing up events from all around the world, meaning more markets, more specials & more choice, including odds on golf events, cricket, formula 1 and rugby matches. Check the odds on the links above.