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Premiership Betting

Whilst the practise of betting on football has grown immensely in recent years, there are some soccer bets that are exclusive to the English Premiership alone.

One of the most popular football bets can be summed up by the term `Sack Race`. This involves speculating on who will be the first manager to leave his post at the start of a new season and this is one gamble where the excitement just continues to build until the first departure is confirmed. Generally speaking, managers of clubs in the relegation zone are in the most danger and over time, statistics will show that winning bets almost always involve these bosses. It does not always work out that way, however and managers of bigger sides could be in great danger too, particularly if they have spent heavily on new players before the season has started. If a manager has invested heavily in his squad only for early results to be disappointing, he could soon find his position is under threat. Ultimately, the key to the outcome of this bet is in the patience of individual club Chairmen and owners.

Another unique bet concerning the Premiership involves the winner of the `Golden Boot` which is awarded to the league`s leading scorer at the end of the season. Often, the outcome of this gamble is not decided until the very last game of the campaign and that is just one of the reasons why this wager is so popular. Obviously, there is some skill and knowledge required with this bet but luck plays a major part as well. You have to try to predict changes in form but every player involved can be struck down by injury at any time.

In football as a whole, there are some bets that are far more popular than others and this list would undoubtedly include the first goal scorer gamble. Here is where you have to use your judgement to predict who will open the scoring in any game but there are two very straightforward systems that you could follow.

In the first scenario, some gamblers will bet on the main striker in a team and if he scores first then they collect. However, if he fails, they simply double their stake in the relatively safe knowledge that they will eventually open the scoring at which point they will turn a profit.

Another method involves looking away from the centre forwards and at less obvious options in any side. Maybe a midfielder or even a defender takes a side`s penalties. If so, they may have a good chance of getting on the score sheet first but their odds may be higher than those who play further up the pitch.

The biggest innovation in football betting has seen the introduction of betting in play and this is one creation that is tailor made for the premiership. Here you can test your skills as an analyst and decide how a game is developing and with up to half the premiership matches being shown live in any given week, there is ample opportunity for exciting betting activity. Above all, Premiership betting should be fun so if you are at a game or watching on TV, do some research or look for watch live football and just enjoy the action.